Paid 2 x's for MyPoupette to look at reply 2xs!!

  1. Has anyone else ever paid for to look at a LV bag/purse/tote and gotten no reply? :shrugs:
    The very first time I used them & paid for them to look at a LV bag, they got back to me fast saying they thought it was authentic,but I passed on the bag.
    Then I paid again for another LV bag and waited. & waited... no reply.. :crybaby: .....then I paid for ANOTHER auction that I REALLY wanted and no reply at all & I lost the bag :censor: :Push: .
    I did the exact same thing in the 2nd& 3rd email to them as I did in the 1st ( all the ebay info, the paypal info showing I paid to have them check the item..etc) so I don't know what happend! I lost $10 that could have gone towards another LV purchase... LOL. Has this ever happend to you?
    Also else use She has a site to verify LV also and I have heard back from her fast the 2 times I used her and she was very very helpful!
  2. Uhm..when I used mypoupette for authentication Carol used to answer me and she always answered straight away, is it the same Carol as on
  3. Yes it is. Carol left MP and started her own site.
  4. Thanks Bag*Snob
  5. You should tell about the money that you already paid and there was no replies from mypoupette, I think they can refund your money as they stated in their website. I've never done it but I've read about the refund on their website. Carol used to be in the mypoupette, now she's not there anymore. She has her own website at caroldiva. Anggie is now doing the authentication thing at mypoupette.
  6. She ( Carol ) is really great & super helpful and replied fast so I was happy to find her!! :yes: :tender:
  7. Carol's great!:yes:
  8. Totally agree :yes:
  9. I agree as well - Carol is always prompt and very sweet to deal with!
  10. At one time I used both Mypoupette and Carol Diva to authenticate a bag. Carol Diva responded within 24 hours and she gave me helpful advice on cleaning/caring for my LV! Mypoupette took 3 day and that was after I emailed bugging them for a response.

    You know how it is...when a business gets too big sometimes their customer service suffers...
  11. Yeah I dont think to highly of MYpoupette anymore, not since Carol left.
  12. I kinda know Carol personally & I got the hint she left because of the issues mypoupette was having. I think it bothered her that people were waiting too long for answers & it not being her site, her hands were sometimes tied, KWIM? Anyway, I would really support She really cares about what she does & getting people the answers they need. ( & no, I am in no way affiliated with caroldiva or mypoupette) Just my personal experience & opinion;)
  13. I've asked Carol before on authenticating items and she is the most wonderful person! She answers within 24 hours and is always very warm. You can also tell that she is very knowledgeable and answers with more than a yes or no for authentications! Go caroldiva! =)
  14. If I were you, I would get my money back form MP and use Carol from now on.
  15. That's what happend to me pretty much... I contacted both MyPoupette and Carol reply from MP at all....again. In than less than 24 hours Carol answered me and was really GREAT in letting me know about a LV bag
    Love her now!! :love: :flowers:
    Carol Diva for me from now on...

    Thanks to everyone who let me know they have used her too. :flowers: :flowers: