Paid $103 via paypal, made a claim, won and only got $19 back!!!

  1. What the hell is this!!

    I bought a bag from a seller for $103 and never received it. I opened a dispute and escalated it to a claim. I waited out the 12 days for the seller to reply to Paypal, which they didnt, and I have an email to say that I won the claim.

    BUT...I only got $19 back!!

    The email also said that if I was owed more more from the seller that paypal would make their 'best efforts' to get it back for me!!

    Im so angry!:cursing:

    Has this happened to anyone else? Did you ever receive all of your money back?
  2. He probably only had $19 in his Paypal account. If the money isn't there they can't take it.
  3. i think thats what happened...they didn't have enough to get you the full amoun...sorry that happened to you
  4. this happened to me before as well. Won claim for $260 and only got $37 back. This was well over a year ago, still no site of my balance. paypal sucks!
  5. If you used a credit card file a chargeback with the CC company.
  6. Same thing happened to me. I opened a 309.00 claim, won and only got back 200.00. Which was covered by paypal. I am still waiting for my balance of 109.00, but I am not holding my breath. Paypal states they will try to recover the balance.
  7. Sorry to hear that! That is awful! Do a chargeback if you paid with a CC.
    Good luck!
  8. Ugh, it makes me so mad that PP doesn't do more.

    All of you who didn't get all your money back -- call your CC companies and do a chargeback! I have never had a situation where Paypal can trump your credit card company. Good luck everyone!
  9. I would file a chargeback if possible too.

    Just a question. Why isn't it subject to the Buyer Protection Policy? Isn't Paypal supposed to guarantee the difference.

    I took this from eBay's site:

    When you pay with PayPal on eBay, eligible transactions will receive coverage up to $200 at no additional cost. However, the majority of transactions will be covered up to $2000. See eligibility.

    Eligibility for buyer protection services is also determined by the eBay country site where the item was purchased. You can review how your purchase is protected on the item page.

    Transactions covered by PayPal Buyer Protection

    PayPal Buyer Protection helps you in the event that you do not receive your item or the item is significantly different from its description in the seller's listing. An item is covered by PayPal Buyer Protection if it meets the following eligibility requirements.
    - You purchase your item on eBay.
    - You must use PayPal to pay for the item, and use the seller's email address associated with the listing. To make sure of this, use the gray Pay Now button when the eBay listing ends.
    - The seller's eBay listing is for a physical item. Services and intangible items are not covered.
    - You may only file one claim per PayPal payment.
    - Claims must be filed within 45 days of the PayPal payment.
    - You must fulfill all the PayPal Buyer Protection requirements.
  10. wow, sorry to hear that. i would try to do a chargeback if you used a credit card. paypal is shady!
  11. Paypal will cover up to 2000 under certain conditions.
    When you buy from a new seller... you don't have any protection at all... once the seller has done so many transactions and has over a certain amount of positive feedback you will get up to 200 back.... Out of my head I can't tell when you are covered up to 2000.... but when you bid on a item it will say what amount is protected.

    In this case there probably wasn't any coverage, so she only got back what was left in the paypal account. Hopefull you paid with cc... you then can do a chargeback. If not try to contact your bank maybe you still can do something.
  12. paypal should like make it so that the money you've paid to the seller is frozen within ebay. and until both the seller and buyer confirm that everything is fine the money is then unfrozen. Its just like... putting a lock on the handbag you sell so u won't get a bait and switch. eh?

    so... paypal confirms that buyer pays. but money is just... frozen.
  13. Escrow is great; however, it is very expensive and is paid by buyers. Unless it is a very pricey item, say $5000 or above, it is too expensive to consider.
  14. Go for the chargeback if you paid with a credit card, or talk to your bank if it came out of your checking account. Go over paypal's head!