Pagliei Handbags - who has one?

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  2. I don't have one, but that's a beautiful bag! If the straps were longer, I'd go for it!

    I've been enjoying browsing on - definitely beats driving around, but then you don't get the hands-on thing either. I notice they've got a couple of Hayden-Harnetts, too - not on sale, however!
  3. Chloe...did you ever get a Pagliei bag? Anyone else? I'm also drooling over them on but hate to have to send yet another one back.
  4. Anyone???
  5. I never got one, but you know, I was looking at them again today. I think what holds me back is their neutral coloring.
  6. I finally got the Pagliei Collette Hobo in Smoke. The color is very neutral, the leather is nice--kind of distressed--really different with the embossing. It's also very lightweight which I love! I've actually had several compliments on it. I think it's a keeper!