Paging Swanky Mama Of Three~~~~~

  1. I am sure tomorrow will be a real interesting day in YOUR HOUSE! :roflmfao: ;)

  2. Oh man, I think we have cross town rival!! Seattle (Roo) vs Dallas (Swanky).
  3. Well.... I *think* there *might* be a Hawks fan in the Swanky abode as well :devil:

    I am actually more of Raider fan than anything but I gotta step up and root for the hometown team too :p
  4. What time is the game, Roo?
  5. I believe it is 5:00 pm PT (8:00 ET) :yahoo:
  6. Thanks!
  7. Irishgal,

    If you hear a collective SCREAM from the north, it's because the power went out AGAIN. We are getting slammed with yet another storm, after being hit with one earlier in December. We lost power for five days and some people didn't have it for almost two weeks...

    Everyone here is hoping we actually have TELEVISION tomorrow night.... :s
  8. i am gonna have to cheer for Dallas on this one. I am a closet fan of Bill Parcells :amazed:
  9. Bumping up :p
  10. Go Dallas! Sorry Roo, the 'boys are my team....

    I am so glad I happened to click on this thread, DH is at hockey and I almost forgot to Tivo the first game!!! Yikes, saved by tPF, by seconds!
  11. DUDE!! I did not see this until you PMd me ! {am not getting notifications BTW :hrmm:}
    Yeah, Mr. Swank is going to be a pill tonight if the Cowboys lose :cry:he's a loyal fan. . . .
    I personally couldn't care less!:lol:
    7pm my time I think{?}

    I guess to support the DH. . . .

    Go Cowboys!!!
  12. i ran by this thread last nite n was like " where is swanky mama?---she is usually up and on EVERY thread!!! " lol :roflmfao:
  13. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's gonna be some serious burger chomping and beer slurping tonight with BF and me in our jerseys. OH yeah baby!!!!!
  14. I will be the random off topic poster....

    GO BUCKEYES!!!! Only a little bit of time until we stomp on those Florida Gators :yahoo:
  15. I total hi-jacked the thread... sorry ya'll!!!

    I am a Dolphins fan, but they are less than stellar and lost their coach- whose team shall I root for??