paging pf-ers in seattle....

  1. i am going to seattle area for work related thing in march. only for a couple of days. would love to know if there are specific things i should go see aside from chanel in Nordstrom. :p
    last time i went to seattle was 12 years ago, so i dont really remember anything....
    any suggestion?
  2. The touristy spots in downtown would be Pike Place Market, Pacific Place (across from Nordstrom's), Macys, the LV store is on 5th and University, the US Bank center on 5th and Pike, Rainier Square across from there. Or you can hop on the monorail at Westlake Center and go to the Seattle Center to see the Space Needle. Those are the ones I can quickly think of.
  3. For shopping? Don't for get the Gucci boutique in Nordstrom. Pacific place has lots of other shops and is right across from Nordstrom. Then there is Barneys and LV. I would also drop by Nordstrom Rack just in case they have anything interesting. There is also this shop Betty Bleu which I have only been in once but if you like clothes you will like it. :smile:

    Now if you want info on sights.... ;) thats something else. The Seattle Art museum is currently closed for their expansion. But the Olympic sculpture park is open. Also since you are coming in March the Twenty-Five for $25 restaurant sampling thing happens that month and a good time to try out restaurants.
  4. i would love to go sight seeing... but it seems like i will be busy... so i think i will only be able to visit some stores.... and maybe unique restaurant. i LOVE seafood. any cool place you girls can suggest?

    one more question.... hows the driving and parking downtown? if i want to go to nordstrom, where should i park? i dont like to parallel park, so off street parallel park is not an option.
  5. Laria had a great suggestion for the new Olympic Sculpture Park. It just opened and is right on the Puget Sound with great views. Pike Place Market is unique and fun to visit.