Paging Pewter!!!

  1. Where is our resident bbag expert an all-around fun gal???

    Sorry to ask, but I get worried when I see people just drop off the face of the Earth.:crybaby:

    Perhaps she's lying on a beach drinking a pina colada somewhere :beach:
  2. ^I was thinking this too fendih. Where's Pewt?
  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Don't want people to think I'm a stalker or something.:nuts:
  4. BUMP.....still paging Pewter...anyone???
  5. You are right, it has been awhile. I went back and double checked, she hasn't posted since 1/2/07. Fendihunter, how precious are you to post this!!!!!!!

    That doesn't sound like too long until you see how much she posted BEFORE that, most days she chimed 5-6 times.

    I do hope she will see this and have a wonderful story to tell us all!:heart:
  6. Oh julie, I hope so too. I always start worrying if something happened, if they're ok??? I sure hope so. Hope she's on vacation and we'll all laugh about my crazy worrying.:s
  7. I noticed that she has been MIA too. Pewter, please check in.:confused1:
  8. OK. I am now officially going to start wigging out.:shocked:

    Where in the heck is Pewter?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?:cry:
  9. *BUMP* (again)
    Pewter? :search:
  10. Bumping again.
    Now I'm completely wigged out. This is very uncharacteristic of her. God I hope she's ok. If anyone has heard from her, mind letting us know she's still alive and kicking:crybaby:
  11. :crybaby: Now I'm really getting worried. :confused1: Maybe she is on a big Bbag hunt and will suddenly pop in with a boatload of fabulous bags...:smile: *crossing fingers*
  12. I've tried PMing her but her mailbox is full. I did notice she logged on Jan 16th:confused1:

    I miss my bbag expert.
  13. Okay, at least we know she's physically okay...hopefully she just took a long vacation far away and has had serious jet lag and can barely keep her eyes open this week.

    She should sign on soon and let us know what's going on. I mean, how many members -- besides the poker-playing-eggplant-coveting love birds, of course -- get their own forum thread????
  14. When I grow up I want my own thread :smile:
  15. Exactly:yes:

    See Pewter, we love ya and we miss ya so get your butt in here and post:s (BTW, I love ya but I'm not buying you an eggplant City...maybe an eggplant...);)