paging nurse jane fuzzy-wuzzy...

  1. I was just reading the "what do you do..." thread and didn't see a lot of medical professionals so I was many of us are here? I am a BSN with almost 20 years experience currently working on a transplant unit. How bout you all? Students welcome!
  2. I've been a nurse for almost 3 years, currently working in a level 3 neonatal icu, and 7 months away from graduating with my BSN (*W:huh:hOo*!!).
  3. Hiya fellow medical people! I am a nurse from England, qualified for 11 years and have worked in lots of different areas - the most interesing being Liver Transplant/liver medicine, cardiothoracic surgery and Intensive Care - all adult, I am def not a paediatric nurse!! Currently have been working in Intensive Care for the last seven years and am now a sister level, I don't know what the equivalent grading is in the states to that.
  4. I'm a cardiology RN in Phoenix. I've been at it for 4 years now. Thinking about going back for my Master's or starting over and get my Pharm.D. Right now I'm just working my three nights a week and trying to enjoy my life! I really do miss school, though.