Paging my Bal-girls! I need your opinion....

  1. So, I really want a rouge vif something. I used to think I can only do boring neutrals (hence the black and camel bags I have now) but I realized I NEED a rouge vif after getting a lovely RV coin purse that I am in love with (though I haven't figured out a real purpose for her). And vermillion won't do.

    So, should I get a City or a Box? I have a City (black) and love it. I tried the Box on and I liked it a lot. Since I'm usually so color shy (favorite wardrobe color lately is oatmeal - how exciting - and black) I thought RV would be better in a smaller bag (Box) but wonder if it would also be fine in a slighty bigger bag (City)?

    What do you think? What should Bal newbie buy for bag #3??? (I need to change my name, I'm a bal newbie no more but moderators won't answer my email request to change so newbie it is!)
  2. i'd go with the City! I looveee mine!
  3. Since you have historically been attached to neutral (tame) colors, perhaps starting off with a smaller style like the box might be the best way to move toward more vibrant colors. I suppose part of the decision depends on how much you need to carry. I personally like smaller styles (especially in brighter colors), but I only need to carry a wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, and keys.
  4. Ooooh, I saw a red city on a woman at the movies, and it was thrilling! It made me wish I was that woman. If your clothes/coats are neutrals, the red pops beautifully.

    I'd go for the city unless you really want the box size, then do that. Either way, you're going to be very happy!
  5. you cant make a wrong decision! rouge vif is hot in any size! :heart:
  6. Okay, I looked at Fashion Cult's posting of the pix. If you think your stuff will fit in a box and you want that style then go for it. If you think you might want to carry more around and aren't dying for a box to be your next bag, then go for the city. The shape of the city in that color is just gorgeous!
  7. Oopsies... double post
  8. ITA :wlae:
  9. Without a doubt...the CITY. :yes:
  10. I do remember seeing a woman at Barney's recently with a red City and, yes, it was thrilling. I couldn't stop staring. But something about the Box's cuteness is stopping me from the City! I am SO bad at making up my mind!
  11. I agree ~ You can't go wrong with either! Both sound Awesome in the Red! Why not both! Seems many buy another shortly after one another!
  12. Since you like both, why don't you see what the stores have in stock? For example if you find a city and the leather is not as good as the box, then get the box. :smile:
  13. Well, I have a RV City on hold for me and Aloha Rag has a RV Box. So I have easy access to both. Just not sure about how the Box is on a daily basis. Oh, wouldn't the Box be cuter for evening? City is fine but seems a bit big (for evening I mean).
  14. I still like better the city
  15. This is a hard decision, both are really nice styles and the color would make any style pop! I agree that the box is so adorable !