Paging Manolo Owners - Shoe Help!

  1. So I bought my first pair of Manolos :shame: I bought the basic "Blixa" pump in black!


    I must have tried on six different pairs of shoes before settling on these. They're basic, black and gorgeous :drool: But I am so afraid of wearing them outside the house! Most pairs of shoes kill my feet, except for open toe, mid to low heel sandals. I'm not expecting to run a marathon in these, but I would like them to be comfortable to an extent. I've been avoiding buying a basic black pump for this reason.

    LOL I'm almost contemplating returning them because I'm afraid to wear them :push: What if I wear them and my feet are killing me at the end of the day? After wearing them I can't return them, obviously :sad: I don't want to be stuck paying $$$ for a pair of shoes I'll never wear. They were comfortable when I tried them on, my weight was evenly distributed on my foot and the heel seemed a good height. They're super hot :drool:

    Anyone have good comfort experiences with Manolos? Or just good ol' shoe advice?

  2. Wear them around the house first....on carpet(just in case u do decide to return them)
    First time u wear them try putting those foot petals in them more some extra cushion. :smile:
    They are a great pair of shoes!
  3. Cristina- In my humble opnion Manolo's are the most comfortable high heel you will ever put on your feet! I wear mine to work (I'm sitting most of the day) don't worry a bit.
    Wear them and be happy! :yahoo:
  4. Beauty can be a little painful... sometimes. :biggrin:
  5. Actually, I find Manolos really comfy. None of the "better" brands like MB have given me blisters, even with heel heights, since the leather is so supple. As long as you have the right size, they should be comfy from the beginning.

    Try wearing them around the house first to see if there's any rubbing. If it's just one spot, just put a sticky pad there, and it'll be fine after a few wears.
  6. Like ewhitake and tweety, Blahniks are very comfortable for me.
  7. My Manolos are very comfortable. Even my 4" Sedarabys are extremely comfy.
  8. I took Stina's advice and wore them this morning on a carpeted surface while I was getting ready for work. I'm so glad I did, because they were too tight. My toes were getting completely smooshed. I called the SA at Saks and exchanged them for a size larger, and she threw in a few pairs of foot pads. With the foot pads, they fit perfectly and have plenty of wiggle room, without slipping off my feet when I walk. Perfect! :nuts:

    They really are comfortable shoes, I'm pleasantly surprised! Here's to buying more Manolos :graucho: