Paging LV Speedy 30 Owners - Pls. Answer my ?

  1. For all you LV speedy 30 owners who have either purchased the speedy themselves from an authorized lv seller, or have had their speedy authenticated.

    My question is regarding the leather leaf by the zipper. It is the leather leaf on the side closest to the zipper pull when your purse is open. It has stitching that comes to a point, like a "v" , then an encircled "r", then Louis Vuitton, Paris, Made in France.

    How much space, if any, is there between the point of the "v" stitching & the encircled "r"?

    1) none (it practically touches the encircled "r") OR
    2) approx 1/2 inch. (a noticeable gap)

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. From what I have learned, I think there is a noticeable gap between the encircled r and the V stitching, it does not touch it.
  3. I'm confused. I've heard conflicting things regarding this gap. Some say that true authentic speedy's do not have a gap, but others have said that there is a noticable gap. Thanks for your input.
  4. I checked my speedy 25 mono: there's gap about 1mm, damier 30 it touchs the circle. Both were purchased from the store in person.