paging ladies with cloud collection bag in ecru

  1. Ladies,
    What do you think goes well with bags from LV cloud collection in ecru?

    I'm thinking something on the romantic side will look really nice but I don't have anything that girly in my wardrobe... I need ideas on what to wear with this.
    I have lots of white, black, and blue in my wardrobe.. :confused1:

  2. Have you checked out thevisual aids pics in t
    he reference thread? yeuxhonnetes has some great pics that show jeans with her Stratus :love:
    I think they are actually quite versatile.
  3. I think that color goes witrh anything!!
    I can wear my nimbus with almost everything
  4. Jeans and really flowy white top.
  5. i think the Ecru pretty much goes with everything; it matches light-colored clothes, but stands out with dark-colored clothes, you know?
    stratus pm 006.jpg stratus pm 007.jpg stratus pm 008.jpg stratus pm 009.jpg
  6. I think the combination off white with black is very classy. And with a pale pink colour will be nice too