Paging Jenny re: Dark Silver 2.55 Reissue

  1. Denise at Nordstrom Seattle emailed me because the number you gave her isn't working. Please give her a call - she has the bag on hold for you!

    I wasn't sure which Jenny from tPF called her and used my name (not a problem to use me as a referral :smile: but there are lots of Jenn's here!), hence this shout-out.
  2. It wasn't me, but if the original Jenny decides to pass, please let me know!! :nuts:
  3. Oh man!!! I want next after butterfliie!
  4. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooooo what size? if its the 226 please please please call me
  5. I was wondering what size it is as well ...
  6. roey, do you happen to know if Jenny purchased the bag?? :graucho:
  7. so who ended up getting it? (not there anymore) I believe it was a size 226.
  8. I think it was the original Jenny!! :nuts: I asked to have a second hold placed on it but didn't get it. Congratulations Jenny!!! :yahoo:
  9. you know there were 6 holds on this ONE bag?!?!?!
    crazy tpf'rs LOL
  10. OMG
    my SISTER just bought this bag from this location!!!!

    apparently her and the manager there have a good business relationship and she was able to get it..

    OH WOW---im shocked..that means I get to wear it too LOL
  11. Congrats joonam!! And to your sister too!! (Might her name be Jenny??)