Paging Guccigirl2000- please check in!

  1. We are wondering if you're all right in India after today's events. Please check in and let us know!
  2. Bump
  3. UH OH! Ive been away from the news all day. What is happening in India??
  4. it's still night there...hopefully she is sleeping.....does anyone know where in india she was planning to go???
  5. bump just in case she's around
  6. Hope you're ok guccigirl!!
  7. Bump - Hope you are ok x
  8. I hope you're ok too guccigirl2000
  9. OMG! I hope you are ok guccigirl!!!!
  10. Oh no!!!!!! I hope your ok guccigirl

  11. I hope you are okay!!
  12. guccigirl, say hello please!
  13. Bump
  14. Bump
    Please check in soon!:flowers: