Paging for Damier Saleya PM Owner.......

  1. Do you think this bag can be used at formal ocassion?

    How do you find this bag?

    Pros and Cons?
  2. Any out there?
  3. I just got one in Azur! I have not used her yet and plan to use her come the Spring. When you say "formal" do you mean black tie? I plan to use mine as a everyday bag meaning she will accompany me to work when I wear a suit and then hang out with me when I am wearing jeans or khakis at home. (Oh, but I should add, that I use all my bags like that...even my Roxbury Drives go both ways!)
  4. Depends on how formal you mean. It's pretty dressy and can give my casual outfit an elegant touch. However, I would prefer to use clutches or smaller bags for really formal ocassions.

    I'm very happy with this bag. Pros: It fits comfortably on my shoulders so it can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag. It is very elegant and gives an classy touch to an otherwise casual outfit. Is very easy to get in and out of. It has a nice zipper. The interior is luxurious. The damier print is subtle LV. Not a lot of vachetta to worry about. Very light weight. Can be carried by the young and old.

    Cons: Get one with thicker/stiffer leather tabs because mine are of a thin soft leather so with time the two tabs curl out. Some people aren't bothered by it but it drives me bonkers. If anyone knows how it can be fixed other than leather replacement, please let me know.

    It really is a lovely bag! It is one of my favorites!
  5. Hi...Thanks for the advise...

    I think i will exchange my Amarante Pochette with this bag
  6. Hello. I recently got it from Elux. I am loving it. I love that it has a zipper and it's very classy, IMO. The size is large enough to fit your essential but not too large that you would look like you carry a lot of stuff with you. It goes well when you dress in a business or business casual style.
  7. I would probably only wear it for causal events. I had this bag and found the bottom wide and bulky under my arm when carried on the shoulder. Other than minor discomfort, it was a very good everday bag.