Paging Coffer Fans: This Means YOU Miu2!

  1. These are that new distressed leather, by the way, not patent. They look like patent in the pics for some reason. :shrugs:
  2. grey one is TDF.just wish it had silver hardware!
  3. MAN! I love both colours, I wonder if they're doing mini coffer derivatives in these colours..... Just think the coffer is far too big for me.

  4. Hmm, I didn't register the hardware being gold. I can't decide if I'd prefer silver to the gold or not. Silver might be too monochromatic against the gray. Dunno...

    I do know I love the burgundy. :drool:
  5. Same thought crossed my mind. The mini in the pink is a bit too girly for me. If it were in your face fuschia pink, maybe, but in the burgundy: :yes: :yes:
  6. ^^^me too, the pink is nice but i'm always on the lookout for a burgundy bag, it's my favourite colour and it's rare to get bags in it....
  7. i love the deep purple color! i just ordered the small black coffer... i wonder if i can exchange for this purse. BTW, as point of comparison - how much bigger is the regular coffer?

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. Too late PP!! Uuughh......I just ordered the Pink Coffer from NM thi morning!! :push: I tried so hard, I really really tried to keep the cc in my wallet.........but I couldn't resist temptation any more! :wondering I just had to have her!! Ever since I saw Tulip's post..........I've been obsessed with that bag!! I think that it is the smaller version Coffer but you know how vague NM's descriptions are!! Either way.........I love pink (can you tell?) which means more bags are going to be on eBay real soon.
    Here is the link:
  9. Does anyone the measurements of the small Coffer? Miu, is the pink you just got the large or the small? I saw it on Neiman's but I can't tell and they don't describe!
  10. Miu Miu is making 3 sized Coffers now. There is the "mini" which is really small (9" x 7") and doesn't have the front pockets. There is the medium size (12" x 7.5") with outer pockets and the original size (15" x 13").

    I am hoping that the one I just ordered is the medium size (I know it's not the small). NM sucks when it comes to describing their bags accurately! :cursing:
  11. If it was $1360, it was the medium (the one that tulip and I both have). You're going to love this size!!!
  12. Thanks, Miu! I love my LARGE size... but I'm wondering about the medium... have to go see it. I like the pink distressed leather, too. But I also love the pink gauffre. Tough choices! I think I've seen the mini Coffer before which is adorable, but I bought the Prada bow, so I don't need another tiny bag! (unless if I decide I have to have Chanel's wallet on chain... gasp!)

    Decisions... maybe I'll just get the pink gauffre wallet to tide me over to the next bag. Miu, do I need another Coffer? Or do I need another Gauffre?

    Pseub, I do love looking at yours and Tulip's pink Coffer!

    OK, my head hurts.
  13. Oh no PP!!!!!! Why did u have to post these??!! Now I must sell some blood to get the first coffer you posted1!!
  14. :devil: :devil: :devil: