Paging Chicago Girls- Are you guys ok?

  1. I see your subways on the news now. What's going on? Are all our Chicago girls all right??
  2. Sounds like a derail on a commuter train. No terrorism links suspected. Dozens hurt, just a few seriously. Didn't hear about any deaths, thank God.
  3. Thank god.

    Jeez what a day today.
  4. A lot of people were evacuated off of one of our el train lines because it got all smoky from the train derailing. No official cause. As far as I know, everyone is fine, minor injuries, smoke inhilation, no fatalities. I think everyone was more worried about everything because of all the India stuff that was in the news this morning.
  5. Roo,
    Everyone in Chicago is OK....there was a train derailment underground and there is only one person in serious condition due to an asmatic condition.
    About 60-70 people are being treated at area hospitals for smoke related injure's.
    There was NO terrorism involved....Thankfully!!!

    Now we just have to pray (or whatever anyone personally does) for the people in India..:crybaby:
  6. I have been watching this too... all of our Chicago people- I really hope you are all ok!!!!
  7. Scary day. I hope everyone on PF (or any loved ones of PFers) are alright.
  8. ^^ Me too! Glad to hear there was no casulties
  9. Gosh, I'm glad everyone is okay. Imagine what a disaster if that was the "el"!
  10. It was the el!!!

    Everyone is okay. I used to ride that train everyday to school. I really like the public transportation system we have here and I'm glad it was handled the way it was. I know a lot of people were hurt, but at least no one was killed.