Paging all BIBLE experts

  1. I did attend Catholic school, but am sorely lacking my bible interpretation skills.

    Can one of the resident bible scholars here please interpret John 12, 13, 14 for me? I am working on a case where these passages in the bible were involved and am trying to find out whether they were significant...

  2. 12, 13, 14..the chapters, or verses of a certain chapter?

  3. Chapters.
  4. Per the title of general discussion. No religious or political discussions allowed.Sorry!
  5. ^Good looking out!
  6. What exactly did you want to know?
  7. Sorry if I was cryptic, if someone can give me a brief summary of these chapters, (cliff's notes), I would appreciate it. I realize they have to do with the last supper, Judas, etc., but was hoping someone a bit more "learned" in this area could help with a summary. Thanks
  8. Vernon Mcgee's Thru the Bible is an exceptional commentary. Try googling the Bible Answer Man as another source. Kay Arthur and bible teaching is one of my favorites. Good luck.
  9. Thanks everyone for the info, I will check it out!