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  1. blast from the pasts


    FACO box clutch
    Camera 091.jpg
  2. from Monde no 16

    kelly rigid 35cm in green elephant hide!
    Camera 092.jpg
  3. Monde no 17

    HAC 60cm in fjord
    PLUME 45cm in red boc and canvas
    Camera 093.jpg
  4. Monde 17

    kelly 32cm in red box and canvas
    Faco clutch in tricolor box
    Camera 094.jpg
  5. Monde 32

    Victoria in H-pattern canvas and clemence
    Camera 096.jpg
  6. L@@k At That Cape ~ Absolutely Magnificent:heart::heart::heart:

    Seton ~ Thank You For All These Lovely Pictures:love:
  7. Thanks for the pics, seton!!!
  8. seton, I love this. Thank you for sharing these pics. :smile:
  9. seton - great pics! any more?
  10. Very cool. Thanks for posting, seton!
  11. Enjoyed the pics
  12. I just reread this...elephant hide? :wtf:
  13. sure, next time. I hope that others who have old Mondes and a scanner might post some too (hint, hint :smile:)

    amkur, that's why I HAD to post that pic. Elephant hide, whoa.
  14. Dear Ms. Seton:

    Oh, eye candies and can stop looking at those RED bags........

    Thank you SO for showing them to us!!!
  15. Gorgeous pictures, thank you!