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  1. ... of fake Chanel bags. I mean, I can't even pick out the real bags in this mess. No joke, there were like 10 pages of fake bags! Arg! I remember when Chanel was more vigilant... auctions would get pulled all the time. Now it seems like nobody cares? :huh:

    I personally don't give a hoot about who carries fake bags, but good Lord, I cannot get to the real bags!
  2. I know exactly what you mean! It is seriously ridiculous!
  3. I hear ya! It is quite frustrating!!!
  4. It's very frustrating to have to weed thru all the garbage
  5. It's a very sad state of affairs ....
  6. yeah.. im always afraid of buying off ebay =( sad world out there.
  7. I just reported a whole bunch of fakes..unbelievable.
  8. There are so many fake bags all in a row from what seems like the same seller....can't eBay just pull those or do we have to go through each one and report it? It's so obvious that they're fakes....I get exhausted trying to get to something remotely real that I give up!
  9. I find it very sad that a GIANT company like eBay would NOT have ANY morals and shut down these auctions because they collect listing and final value fees (not to mention PayPal fees as well)!:rant:
  10. I agree, I rarely even go to eBay anymore. I have limited time during the day and when I want to find something, I shouldn't have to put my boots on to wade through the poo to find it : (
  11. Is there any reputable Chanel ebay reseller group like how they have it for LV? (Mypoupette, LVLU, ALVA, etc.)?

    When I look at Louis Vuitton items on ebay, I only view those associated with MPRS /LVLU/ALVA. The rest gets filtered out.
  12. qbhype and law56789 are both reputable sellers of Chanel.
  13. Thanks IntlSet! :flowers: I'm browsing...:graucho:

    I've came across personalshopper (not sure if that's the EXACT id), but the prices seem to bit on the high side?
  14. Hmm, couldn't tell ya if you don't know her exact ID.

    Frankly, I think anyone who marks up their bags a ridiculous amount is insulting our intelligence. Nothing irks me more than seeing a used bag for near retail.
  15. I think we've all seen the same seller with his multiple fake auctions (most are one day) there should be a way to report a seller specifically as well as auctions,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.