Pageant Officials Tell Miss England to Gain a Few Pounds


    NEW YORK (Oct. 26) - A British beauty queen says she was told to pack on pounds for the upcoming Miss World competition - an unexpected request, considering she's not rail-thin.

    "I was a little bit shocked," Miss England Georgia Horsley said Friday in an interview on NBC's "Today" show.

    "I don't think I'm too thin. I'm happy with the way I am," said the 20-year-old, who is a size 4. She added: "I probably would have been more hurt if they told me to lose weight, I think."

    Horsley said pageant organizers want "their girls to be more voluptuous and womanly and curvy, you know, rather than the stick-thin, size-0 models that you see around."

    "I've just got quite more of an athletic, boyish-type figure rather than the hourglass figure that some women have," said the 5-foot-8 Horsley. "And they're just seeing if, you know, I could maybe put a bit of weight on and it might give me those curves."

    The Miss World press office didn't immediately respond Friday to an e-mail from The Associated Press seeking comment.

    Horsley has little more than a month to gain weight: the Miss World pageant will be held in China on Dec. 1.
  2. I disagree with them telling her to gain a few pounds. She is happy with herself and happy with what she looks like and is healthy, why change that? Something I think a lot of people don't understand is that it is just as offensive being calling "rail-thin" or "a stick" or "anorexic" as it is being called "fat." Some people are just built thin, while others are built more curvy.
  3. What does a 4 in UK sizing mean in US?

    Just wondering.
  4. ^^It would be a size 2 in US, I believe.
  5. no i think a size 4 in UK sizing would be a 0 US...
  6. She's pretty skinny.

  7. I just double checked it with a conversion table, it would be US 2.:smile:

    With her picture, I personally don't think she needs to gain any weight unless she really wants to, she looks healthy to me. I am her size, and I get called "skinny", "are you anorexic", "stick thin", etc. all the time, and those comments do bother me when people say that, including the one "you need to gain weight." But then again, it is a pageant environment she is in, and she is a role model for many, so I guess that would be their reasoning, because they probably think that "she needs look a healthy body weight", although personally, I think if you are fit and eat right and exercise, you are a healthy body weight, which she does look like.
  8. oh ok...i always assumed UK size 8 was 4 US since that's what I normally buy...i guess clothes in the UK are just made smaller...thanks for the clarification...
  9. I think it ironic that a big deal is being made about the fact that they are superficial about the contestants figures when the whole pageant thing is a big superficialfest.
  10. Size 4 is a US 0.. well atleast that's what all the TV programs said when the whole 'size zero' debate was at it's peak.

    I think her figure looks fine though.
  11. I think she looks pretty healthy and if she probably felt so much pressure to stay thin that it never occured to her that they would WANT her to gain weight. Girls are just pulled in so many directions on how to look. I say the way you were made is the way you should stay. Unless your health is in danger, you should stay the way you were meant to be.
  12. but that's from aol news so wouldn't it be a US4? i think she looks fine, and i highly doubt she's a UK4 considering her height (not that someone her height couldn't be a UK4, but they'd look very very thin).
  13. I don't think she looks too thin, she looks very healthy to me.
  14. She also looks fine to me. I was expecting to see a rail thin girl.