Page Six said Nicole Richie had Gastric Bypass.

  1. Just weeks after checking into rehab for not having an eating disorder, Nicole is starting to look like she is making more of an effort. However, according to the blind item on Page Six today Nicole wasn't in rehab at all - she was reversing a gastric bypass surgery she had that made her too skinny. We sure hope no doctor would have been that stupid to begin with - she certainly did not need that procedure. Now she is chowing down at McDonalds. I'm not sure that's the best route to go about gaining weight, but if a hamburger is what helps Nicole then we're all for it.
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    Here are some recent pics of Nicole

    I love her sweater coat :wlae: by the way.
    NRichieMcDo111106_03.preview.jpg NRichieMcDo111106_05.preview.jpg NRichieMcDo111106_07.preview.jpg NRichieMcDo111106_10.preview.jpg
  2. Oh wow... if she had gastric bypass, that would just be ridiculous :yucky: It is weird the degree healthier she looks in the past week :shrugs:
  3. yea, i heard about this. It turns out that DJ AM ( her boyfriend ) used to be over 600 lbs and lost alot of that weight through gastric bypass surgery and Nicole wanting to lose all the weight she gained from her "drug days" decided it was a good idea. People are saying that she wanted an easy way out for losing weight and she turned to some doctors and paid them extra and stuff. There's alot of unethical doctors/ doctor wannabes out there, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was real.
  4. I hope that isn't true. Scary to think there are doctors out there that would stoop to new lows. Get better soon, Nicole!!!
  5. Wow, that is a very scary if it's true. Hopefully, she'll continue to get healthy.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me. I mean how could she be out of rehab (or whatever they were calling it) already?

    Unfortunately ethics & Hollywood do not go together. There are plenty of corrupt doctors willing to do stuff like this if you throw enough money at them.
  7. How on earth do you "reverse" gastric bypass surgery? :confused1: Is that even possible?
  8. i don't believe that to have that surgery you must be over 100 pounds and what doctor would not it is a very risky and a lot of ppl have died from having it topic does anyone know who is the designer for her coat sweater its so beautiful...
  9. Whoever the surgeon was that did her surgery should have his license revoked. What an idiot.
  10. :yucky:
  11. wow!! *crazy* crazy* crazy*
    I hope she continues to get better, I wish her the best!
  12. Remembering Nicole from the first season of The Real Life (is that the name?) I thought she was larger than Paris Hilton but not fat. Apparently in Hollywood some doctors will do anything for a price.

    Years ago there was a comedienne, Totie Fields, who was very overweight and also had diabetes, I think, and she wanted a face lift. Several doctors turned her down and finally she found one who would do it. She had terrible complications, had a leg amputated, and died not long afterwards. She should never have had that surgery. Much older than Nicole, but some doctors are just in it for the money.
  13. Gastric bypass? I don't even think Nicole needed it in the first place!
  14. I think some people could have a rubber band or something like that put in and it could be reversed i assume.
  15. I think its a very nice sweater i would also like to know if anyone knows who its by or where to get it THANKS in advance.