Page Sargisson disc earrings - pics

  1. I am not familiar with this designer. Does anyone know if you can get these earrings in white gold or silver?



  2. I do recall seeing those in whitegold. Did you check on ylang?
  3. What is ylang? :shame:
  4. It's a great jewelry website!
  5. Thanks for the link, Layla!:P
  6. Kat, you always find the neatest jewelry. I love her designs!
  7. Those are soooo gorgeous!!

    Some of them are available on the designer's site:
  8. Thanks for the link, Perja! There are some really pretty things on there.:P
  9. I love those, they are very different!
  10. I am late seeing this thread, but my first thought was this site. They have great things.:yes:
  11. You can find Page Sargisson earrings at :tup:.

    I have shopped there before and had great experiences each time.

    They have a few items right now very similar to the ones you're looking for.


    -- Julie
  12. ooh I really like the tree ones!! So cute
  13. I forgot to mention that you can use coupon code toutie at BlueLuxe to save 10%. It should work up until the end of this year. Also, i've done special orders with them before so if they don't have it in stock give them a call or email and they can usually order it for you.