Page fuels hopes of Led Zep tour

  1. ITN - Monday, January 28 05:57 pm

    Jimmy Page has fuelled more speculation Led Zeppelin will go on a world tour, following on from the success of their reunion show.

    The guitarist told reporters in Japan the band are more than prepared to head out on the road, but said any dates wouldn't happen until the autumn because lead singer Robert Plant has solo commitments.

    "I can assure you the amount of work that we put into the O2 (concert), for ourselves rehearsing and the staging of it, was probably what you put into a world tour," he said.
    "Robert Plant also had a parallel project running and he's really busy with that project, certainly until September, so I can't give you any news."

    Led Zeppelin was formed in 1968 by Page, Plant, bass guitarist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham, and has sold an estimated 300 million albums worldwide.
    The group decided to break up shortly after Bonham died in September 1980, but reunited for a charity concert in London before Christmas, with Bonham's son Jason on the drums.

    Page, in Tokyo to promote a greatest hits release, described the reunion as exhilarating and fantastic.

  2. My DH will be lining up for tickets...he loves Led Zepp...but he will going on his own.
  3. they were offered 1 billion dollars to do 30 shows. love the Zep! I'll be there!
  4. Please come to Vegas!
    Who is that old man lol. Jimmy Page!
    Looks like a character in Harry Potter.
  5. I'm there, baby!!! :jammin:
  6. I will so be there. I can hardly wait.
  7. I saw them in the early '70's, don't know how much it would depress me to see them as old men. LOL
  8. Wow -
    Looking at the pic the only thing I can think of - it what a rocking fossil.
  9. trust me. they still got it!:tup: