Padparasha come look my deerskin Gauffre ! !

  1. :yahoo:Thanks Padparasha, her detail information and pics of this bag helped me finally get this beautiful bag, being hold by another customer 3 days in Saks a very long story but finally she is mine:roflmfao: and in a very great price too. As promise will show you the pics. Just one thing want to ask you girls, do you all like the thin or thick shoulder strap better? At first i would really like to have the new style thinner shoulder strap I think it looks better on me, but after saw other pfmember's post, the thicker one may hold the position better. What do you girls think ? The one that i had is the thick one that's the only thing i am not sure about that.
    DSC03799.JPG DSC03806.JPG DSC03809.JPG
  2. Beautiful Bag - Congratulations!
    I like the thicker strap, it does secure the bag from moving or rocking and I bet it's more comfortable when the bag is filled and you've been carrying it for awhile.
  3. Congratulations!!
  4. congrats!!
  5. Definitely the thicker strap -- the leather looks gorgeous. Congrats !!
  6. Thicker strap with the deerskin -- it is such thick leather. Gorgeous bag!

  7. Congratulations Lala!!!

    I'm soooooooooo happy you got the bag. I think it looks *great* on you!

    I have a bag w/the skinny strap and 2 bags with the thicker one - I originally had preferred the thinner strap - but now that I've been carrying all 3... I hate the skinny strap and only want bags now with thick straps! Much easier to carry and feels better on me. I think the bag looks amazing on you.

    Glad you're happy and finally found it! :yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous bag! :drool: Congrats!!
  9. :smile: I like the thicker strap!! Congrats on the bag and on getting a good deal!!
  10. Wow that bag is such a beauty!!! So happy you found what you love!!! Congrats...looks fantastic on you!!!
  11. Oh she is gorg and looks great on you!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    I prefer it w/ a thicker shoulder strap. Enjoy!
  12. love the bag :heart: i think i love any bag with a 3rd strap LOL .. its gorgeous and it looks great on you :smile: may i know how much you got it for me likey !

    damn i should stop looking at this forum chanel is bad enough for my pocket i cant be lusting after pradas too :noggin:
  13. This bag orginal price is 2690 and it went down to 1254 right now, if Padparasha didn't tell me i don't know it had such a deep discount because there is no Saks in my area, it save me a lot because i just bought a full price Gucci and Miu Miu Coffer, so i had a purse bad right now :crybaby:

  14. lala06 thats such a good buy :yes: im waiting for my Rive gauche to arrive (again with a third strap lol) if i dont like it i might go for the deerskin gauffre ... im really loving your bag :heart::heart:
  15. KaKa,

    At first i almost go for a YSL deerskin downtown too, i want a deerskin leather bag for awhile on sale or not but couldn't find the perfect size and style. I saw the Rive Gauche, it is a very nice bag too but finally i decided for a prada.