Padma's baby daddy finally announced

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  2. I don't think there was ever a question about paternity, she just never told the media. But now that there are issues about visitation, etc., it's being made public.
  3. Oh, I know she didn't make it public, and understand....I was just wondering if she may have had to get paternity...some men are like that, especially if they are not in a committed rship with mother. Some just do it to act stupid.
    Either way, she looks happy in the pics.
  4. How sad for this little girl. Just born and a custody fight already??
  5. no offense to padma, but man she really gets around....
  6. those pics of her and her daughter are adorable
  7. here is what I don't understand about statements like this. Padma probably dates as much as the average woman, but because her personal life is in the media, it seems like she's 'getting around'.... 'tis all..
  8. her and baby look sooo cute in those photos
  9. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't understand this comment. She was divorced from Rushdi, so why should she not have been seeing someone else? Because of her endometriosis, she likely thought she could not become pregnant, so she probably did not use birth control (although that is speculation on my part). I just find it odd that someone would comment about her "getting around" in response to these articles. She has been divorced from Rushdi since 2007; why should she not have had any relationships since then?
  10. amen to that!

  11. In defense of OCG, I have heard this in the media...
  12. no, it's much more than that. she is known (allegedly) to date married men, yes married men. don't know about you, but i hardly call that appropriate behavior—whether or not she's single.

    but i could be wrong...

    seriously? do you honestly think i would comment solely on her dating her daughter's father??? no. it goes farther than that, but at this point, i'm not gonna go there.
  13. thanks, ladybug. i too have heard this about her, but obviously, one never knows how true it is.
  14. ^^^I was going to mention it in the original post, but didn't want to get flamed for it. You took the heat for me. LOL :smile: