Padlock Repair: Anatomy of a Padlock

  1. If you have padlock with loose lock or stuck key, you can use the following steps to try and fix your padlock. I fixed my padlock of my vanilla paddy this way. THought if I posted the photos how I do it, it may help.

    Pic 1: Padlock and key from my vanilla

    pic 2 and 3: You need a flathead, small size screwdriver, like the ones people use to fix their glasses, to open the bottom of the padlock.

    pic 4: All of the parts lying on the table. Note the spring, the locking mechanism and a piece of foam that I just cut from one of the dishwashing foams. The reason that the key can be stuck or padlock is loose is because this lip of the mechanism can be worn amd the spacing needed to lock can then be off.

    pic 5: Pic of everything put back together. Put the piece of foam ont the left of the locking mechanism. Make sure you put in the locking mechanism in the correct direction. Also, it is easier done/closing the face plate with padlock unlocked. After you are done, screw the face plate back. The size of the foam may be by trial and error, depending on how worn your locking mechanism is. You can use the photos to ref mine.

    Total project time: 30 min to 1 hour.

    If you have any questions, can pm me. Have fun!
    P1010185.JPG P1010186.JPG P1010187.JPG P1010189.JPG P1010188.JPG
  2. I'm impressed-- are you an engineer by any chance?
  3. Bingo! Mechanical Engineer is my trade:p.
  4. Helpful thread!:tup:
    Thank you :cutesy:
  5. Thanks, Acshih! Most helpful. I'll keep this as reference. Cheers!
  6. Thanks! I will have to do this - both of my padlocks broke (one is from 05 and one from 06) - in fact the key is stuck in my orange padlock and I can't get it out.
  7. You're soooo smart! Thanks for the info and the pictures. Great thread!!
  8. Great work!

    If only I can work up the guts to take mine apart...
  9. wow... this was so brave... yet the right thing to do...
    Even though they have been granted just one tiny neuron by Mother Nature, most men would attempt repairing a damaged padlock without hesitation and it would work fine...
    I have just learned wall drilling, so maybe padlock anatomy will be the next stage towards emancipation...
  10. Acshih, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your expertise!
  11. This is an AWESOME guide. I just received a "new" 2006 Aubergine paddy. Perfect, other than the fact that the screw plate was hanging down and there seemed to be some play even when the padlock was locked. Your guide and encouragement of a couple of other PFers encouraged me to fix it myself. I removed the locking mechanism (your photo #4) and discovered the two screws on the screw plate beneath the locking mechanism were loose. I tightened them up, put it all back together and now she's good as new! It took about 10 minutes.
    Many thanks!

    I'm including a before photo in case anyone has the same problem.
  12. Ha! Good for you! First time I read this thread, I cracked up. These girls spending all this money for these bags and then having the tenacity to take the padlock apart and fix it themselves! LOVE IT!
  13. ^ they're expensive enough without maintanence, lol, kind of funny how we would rather do it ourselves, not sure i would though!
  14. I'm a mechanic's daughter so I grew up learning to fix things--not everything, but I'm very hands on and once I read the guide I knew this was a really simple fix. The most important thing is using the right small screw driver otherwise you might strip the head and then you would be umm. . . well, screwed.