Padlock question: small vs. big

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Today I got my first Chloé :yahoo:A pocket agenda in chocolat.

    I just noticed one thing:

    According to this thread the following applies to padlocks of Paddington bags:

    7)Padlock: If you hold the padlock with the Chloe stamp facing right side up the round side of the key insert is on top. It resembles how a child would draw a tree, with the big rounded leaves on top. Ones with an upside down tree are fake. Fakes produce locks that are super shiny. Real locks are deep matted brass.

    However the keyhole on the small lock on my agenda is exactly the other way round. I got it from a reputable eBay seller and fellow tPF-member and found stock pictures of the large agenda which show the same placement.

    Now I'm wondering, does this apply to ALL the small padlocks on Chloé items or are those produced without any continuity of placement? :confused1:
  2. Hi and welcome to Chloé!
    I had this exact issue when I bought my long wallet, but don't worry, the "upside down tree" thing only applies to bags.
    Authentic smaller goods can have it either way up :smile:
  3. Hi Kittie

    LTNS :smile:

    Your post has just jogged my memory.

    My daughter was in a boutique in Italy looking at the selection, earlier in the year. She knew I was looking for a wallet and text me to say they had one there, but the hole on the padlock was upside down. I was a little surprised and said leave it.

    Maybe, just maybe it is not the case on the smaller lock.

  4. Thank you! :flowers:

    I wasn't worried so much about authenticity as I was wondering about the rule for that. So far the only thing I knew for sure about Paddingtons was the thing about the lock :sweatdrop: lol, I'm a total newbie :P

    what's LTNS? :confused1: haven't heard that one yet?! :P
  5. Long time no see!!!!! LOLOL

    Seems an age ago we were talking with Steve about the dreaded customs.

    Hope your studies are going well?
  6. I have a couple of small items accessory items with the small locks and they are all the right way up.