Padlock problems

  1. Is it just me?

    From a design point of view, does anyone have the same problem, that the padlock spends more time attacking my mobile phone in the mobile pocket.

    I normally have all my valuables within another form of purse, but have tried to use the pocket for the mobile, and it is a real pain.

    The only way to stop it crashing into the phone, is to either, leave it to fall onto the other side of the bag, or to remove it.
  2. I keep my cellphone in one of the outer pockets..usually the back one. No problems at all
  3. ^^^ I leave mine on the outer pockets too.. that way i don't have to keep flippin the lock over when i get a call
  4. Same here.
  5. Me too with the back pocket. That padlock is a lethal weapon!
  6. yup, i use the back pocket too.
  7. it is a weapon! I whacked my 5 year old on the face the other day...poor thing, said "Mommy I hate that bag, wear the louis instead" LOL
  8. My very first near miss was last week.

    You know when you are last at a theatre etc and you have to get the entire row up to let you get in!!!!

    Well, I took my bag off my right shoulder, so I didn't catch any of the lovely people standing up to let us past. I never realised, that dropping it into my left hand, was going to have the entire bag swinging just above a ladies head, immediately in front.:rolleyes: Another inch lower, and the entire bag would have hit her on the head!!!!!

    No doubt about it, it could be deemed as an offensive weapon.

    "It was an accident your honour"!!!:yes:
  9. That is so funny. I bonked my 8 yr old on the nose last weekend. She hates the bag too :crybaby:
  10. Thanks Selena, that one gave me a big laugh. You must have your son trained well to know to ask for the Louis!
  11. mine accidentally brushed my little 4 year old on the head:p and immediately, she took the key, unlock the padlock, took it off my bag, and hand the padlock to my dh:sweatdrop:
  12. wow! all those unknown uses for the padlock!!! next time bf annoys me i'll hit him it!!! :idea:(today as i write this it has become extremely tempting)... can it be considered a WMD?
    jokes aside, i don't use the padlocks, i know, it is part of the charm of the bag but i tend to keep them at home if i am gonna be all over the place, plus i've been known to leave things behind sometimes...or drop them on the wrong people.
    :rolleyes:i haven't whacked any of my kids with it but i think it was just a matter of time!! i can imagine my son in a couch, talking to his counsellor about mummy dearest whacking him with the damn padlock (just like those old woody allen cartoons)
  13. It's crazy but I just leave mine @ home in my jewelry box.:shame: