Padlock Pouch Belt Question

  1. The belt/pouch shown online @ NM has silver hardware, but the one I received has gold hardware. I compared it to online photos and it appears to be authentic. It came in a Chloe box, has a dust bag, tags and id card. I believe it is a return because I can see very slight wear on some hardware (nothing bad - just enough that I can tell it was used). At this price I don't care about that though. Does anyone know if this is an older or newer one than the one with silver hardware or where I can find more info. about it? What the difference is between the two? Thanks!
    pouch belt.jpg
  2. I don't know the difference about the two. But I've got a black one with gold hardware as well!
  3. Does anyone know if one is newer/older than the other? I'm keeping it either way because it is really cute.
  4. I don't think one is older/newer. I got one as well and it also came with gold hardware.
  5. Ok. Thanks! I was just wondering.