Padlock color?

  1. I am back to loving this bag again! I know it comes with a gold padlock but wanted to know if it comes in silver too? I am a newbie so bare with me please!:smile:

  2. Hi Zac,
    They bought out this bag in grey, will go and check for you what colour hardware was on that one, as I know that the grey boots that were released to match were finished in silver hardware. Here is the boots, will go find the bag for ya!
  3. IIRC they grey bag that goes with these boots has the silver hardware.

    I have the silver HW on my mousse and it's really nice!! It doesn't chip or
    tarnish or rub!!
  4. zacorey,
    Bergdorf Goodman online has this bag with the silver hardware .... Take a look!
  5. YES!!! OMG- they do! Thank you justonemore!!!

    Here it is!!!!!!! I'm in love!:love:
    What do you guys think??????? Gold or silver????

    Thanks Chloe-babe for the picture!!!

  6. Now- to throw another color question to you!!! What color is this?
    6ASA26 6A422 906.jpg
  7. Silver Hardware!
    The last photo looks like mousse w/silver.
  8. Plus if you order from BG you can use a code for free shipping and I don't think you'll have to pay tax??
  9. Get the black/silver Zac....!!!!! :drool:
  10. Do they take Mastercard????????????????????????????

  11. BG? Yes, I belive they do. Check out their site.
  12. I ordered it!!!!!! Thanks soooooooo much justonemore! I thought when I posted this question the answer would be no silver hardware on this bag!!!!!! Thanks for being so helpful!:flowers:
  13. Congratulations! Hope you love it! Please post pics when it arrives.
  14. ^^^I will!!!!!! I'm so excited! I will get my first Chloe bag!:yahoo:
  15. Congrats zacorey!!!! :yahoo: I am so excited for you!!! :heart: Be sure to post pics when you get it!!! :yes: