padlock and speedy

  1. I was just wondering if you guys like to put the locks on your speedies? I really don't like to just because the tabs get deformed from the weight of the padlock. If you guys put yours on, is there a specific reason? Who really actually LOCKS their bag?:shrugs:
  2. Although I think it looks cute, I wouldn't put it on a Mono Speedy (maybe a Damier one) as I don't like the discoloration.
  3. I don't leave it on usually, but I lock my bag sometimes if I'm leaving it in lab - I'll lock the bag to my desk with my laptop lock, and then lock the bag shut.

    I'm extremely paranoid.
  4. I have the damier 25 and I leave just the lock on there. My keys are at home and I think it looks really cute so the lock is on there. As for my white mini hl, just the lock is on there as well. It does weight it down, but I think that it looks so incomplete without the lock.

    I was annoyed when I went to pick up my damier 25 and they didn't give me a lock and key set so I had to drive back the next week to get it.
  5. dang, girl!
  6. i leave the lock on my mc speedy all of the time. i feel like if it's not there, it looks like something's "missing". i'm not worried if there is discoloration (none yet--my bag's brand new), but i want to enjoy it, so i don't care.
  7. I leave the lock on all of my speedy's.......I even have one that is almost 20 years old and it looks great with the lock on. It makes the bag!:yahoo:
  8. Lock on, tarnished as hell and I love it!
  9. I use my Hermes Hippo lock on my Speedy. :smile:
  10. Lock and 1 key are on the bag. A bit scratched and starting to tarnish, but I love it right where it is. :smile:
  11. i think the speedy looks better with the lock on, its just part of the style. If your bag is older and has been used before then its fine but when the bag is new... you WILL notice that it weighs it down a bit and permanently dents that tab. At first I thought maybe it was jsut me or I was putting ht elock on wrong but it happened with everyone I believe. For me it was a big ouch to dent my new bag so now I sometimes put the lock onw hen I carry it but for sure will take it off before storing the bag.
  12. I leave the lock on. I don´t worry about discoloration etc since my speedy is a myrtille epi so it´s already dark.
  13. I leave it on coz I think the lock complete the bag look :smile:
  14. i leave it because i dont want to be bothered to keep it somewhere else and take risk of losing it though :Push:
  15. I leave it on my damier speedy because I think the speedy looks incomplete without it. I consider it speedy decoration.