Paddyvirigin coming out of the dark, to be enlightened by the specalists...!

  1. Hi there,

    When I first discovered tpf I was looking for a paddy and asked a few questions in the GF. I was told that the paddy was soooo havy not very practical and pretty much "over" but I heard nothing but good about Balenciaga so I got instead cought in the bal-craze :yes: ,

    and I must say I love my Bal's but recently I've been feeling I need to diversify more (no more LV accesory only). So I've been lurking here :shame: and even if the paddy is kind of over I still/again really want one.

    This isn't a purchase I can make right away (see signature) but I really would like one for spring.

    I have set my eyes on a couple but would like to know what you guys would advice a paddyvirgin I really only want to get one!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi Catcat, I originally started in balenciaga too! However I always admired the beautiful thick leather of the chloe bags. I actually started selling off some of my bbags to add some chloes to my collection. It is true, the paddy's are heavy, but really not that bad. You just have to get used to it. I have a couple different styles, reg. paddy, front pocket paddy, and cross body. Personally I like the front pocket paddy because it's bigger and I can get in to it easier. And just like bbags, you can become obsessed with chloe too! Good luck on your first purchase!
  3. I'm a bal freak too, but I LOVE my paddy. I don't really understand the whole - it's too heavy thing, but maybe that's just me.

    The leather is wonderful on Chloes and truthfully - the leather smell on my 05 choco is just divine and it has more of a leather smell than my Bals. I love the fact that I can carry it handheld or swing it over my shoulder.
  4. I took off my lock on my paddy for daily use (i think it was suggested by one of the fellow PFer..) and I think they are okay...not as heavy as everybody says... and I love the leather and the fact it is a shoulder bag too..that really just help me carry more stuff and not feel heavy..
    I am hoping to get a cream/ivory/white paddy bag for the spring as well and probably will not get it until May/June when they go on sale (hopefully)...

    I think you should get a light color one for Spring... it will look great!
  5. Fantastic news, and the very best bit is, that because you are only buying your first bag now, you will get a great deal. Its only in the last few months that the paddys have finally started to go on sale, and pre loved ones can be a steal now. Just make sure you check authenticity in the thread, and if you like, and when you are ready, we will help to make sure your first Chloe is a stunner.

    Glad you came over to the dark side ;) :biggrin:

  6. Thanks everybody for your encouragements!
    I am really looking forward to getting one. I saw that AR and others had great sales, I am not accustomed to that , b-bags as well as LV never go on sale where I live.

    I am thinking about getting a preloved one (missed the sales, better so because I had a very expensive christmas...:rolleyes: )

    What do you consider a steal, great price?
    I am shure I want a medium satchel and I am really wanting a ligther colored bag but was also considering dark gray , (since I wondered about an anthracite bal,) which might be more versatile...?

    What do you think?

    I have enough "casual" bags I think the paddy is more elegant and still can be worn with jeans...:love:
  7. I would say a whiskey medium paddy will be a great first, its a nice color and goes well with almost everything..;)
  8. I started with a Bal City as well, and then I caught Paddy fever in a big way! I still wear my City, but I truly love my paddies because they are just so scrumptious and versatile. The weight does not bother me at all because the medium satchel sits comfortably on my shoulder. They are a cult status bag IMO that will always have a place in fashion. As for color, no one does chocolate like Chloe but if you are looking for something more versatile year round, I love whiskey, mousse and anthracite is super hot. Actually, I have yet to see a Paddy color that I don't like so I am of no help there! But no matter what, i know you will love the paddy!
  9. catcat, :nuts: I didn't think I would see you straying from the Bbag forum. But diversity is good. Paddington's of course compared to Bbags are much heavier. Before I got my Paddington I expected it to be VERY heavy :push: and I had mentally prepared myself for lifting weights on a daily basis. When I got my bag, it was not as heavy as I expected. But since you have been using Bbags it will be a slight adjustment initially but you do get used to it. For me, since I carry so much stuff the weight was the same whether I used my Bbag or my Paddington.

    I think grey would be a lovely color. :yes: Anthracite is also :drool: If you want a dark color, my favorite is the Blue Nuit or the Metallic Blue Nuit. :drool::love:

  10. Me neither Laria, but a whole new world has revealed itself to me, :idea::love:
    I am sooooo bad I caved for a blanc medium I have to wait until it's fully paid.
    I am so impatient but weather is ugly so it will get here right in time for a beautiful spring.

    I really craved a light colored bag for a long time in the beginning I wanted to get a naturel city but when I saw it I thought it was kind of blah...and with the Bal yellowing issues I was a bit turned off.
    I think a paddy in blanc will be nice and classy!

    Now I really like the choc as looks "delicious" and the bleu nuit and the mousse so diffrent but I need to restrain myself .
    I can't get carried away I know that I will not use the paddy as much.
    I've "learned" from my bal craze I meen 7 b-bags in routhly 3 months all bought at or over retail:shame: . I know I'm not the worst but it's just crazy...!
  11. I understand, I got my tobacco chloe paddy:yahoo: then I was drawn over to the balenciaga forum equaling in my balenciaga courier:yahoo:. Since i got my balenciaga I have been drawn back to my paddy - the style is more chic and classic. I would personally go for a darker coloured chloe because it would be more versatile and you can get a lighter one nearer summer. One thing I would say is that the chloe's made in 2007 seem to be of a lower quality than previous years, therefore I would search for a bag from a previous year on eBay.

    Good luck in finding your perfect chloe!:smile:
  12. Does anyone else think that the 2007 chloe's are of a lower quality than previous years? I was actually thinking of getting a new spring '07 style but definitely don't want to spend the $$$ if it is not going to be worth it. I would be getting it from NAP as I can't find it locally. Hmmmmm.....
  13. I can't wait to see the pictures. :smile: I also have not gotten a light colored Bbag because I am afraid of the yellowing. You know if you do get carried away I can't wait to see you do a Paddington tree like your Bbag one. :roflmfao:
  14. The earlier bags are definitely different.

    I think the new ones might actually be "sturdier", the leather on the 07 bags tends to the stiff side and the cow hides are no longer flawlessly chosen, but show scars and other hide imperfections that the earlier ones do not have. The dye seems to sit "on" the leather, vs "in" in the leather.

    I would totally try to find a nice pre-loved 06 paddy. Blanc would be my suggestion :love:

  15. There is NO QUESTION that Chloe has "gone south" in terms of quality in the leather and even the hardware. The '05's are great, and the 06's are excellent as well...then it really changed and not for the better. Most of my many paddy's (and other Chloe's as well) are from '05 and '06, I only have two from '07 and that is the creme medium paddy and the taupe metallic (more like a champagne) paddy. They are both very, very nice bags, but definitely not the quality of my other ones. I have '05 silverados as well, and the leather is scrumptious, but the newer ones I've seen are stiffer and thinner.
    If you can get a paddy in perfect condition that is from '05, or even '06, you will see what has made everyone on this forum totally Chloe crazy. The leather is absolutely wonderful and the hardware is gorgeous. :yes: