Paddys! Which year was the best?

  1. I am desperately seeking my first Paddy and am resorting to the minefield that is eBay.. for some reason i want an 05.. don't know why but i think its the Tan :love: colour versus Whiskey? Can you girls tell me what year you feel has been the best for Paddy's? For a few years now i have been a B'bag addict and there are definitely years and seasons that are much better than others and I'm wondering if thats the same for Chloe. Which year would you say is best for leather, for durability, for colour etc.

    Thanks so much, your help will be very much appreciated! :flowers:
  2. 2005 was the best in my opinion, it was the softest and pebbliest :love: 2006 they had fabulous thick leather too but there was a lot leather variation from bag to bag, as there's always been....but I would say I love 05 more than 06!
  3. And I must add; I love 05 colours too! Craie, tan, sable, chocolate, blue nuit, grenat, vanilla just to mention some!:tup:
  4. 05 definitely - the leather had that "smooshiness" which gradually disappeared as the seasons progressed.

    I agree with sonja - 06 was ok, but sometimes the leather was too smooth!

    07... I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I've seen authentic paddies that looks like fakes because the leather is so smooth!
  5. ^^ i'm new to collecting chloes, but my '05 craie paddy's leather is as soft as a baby's bottom!!! :p:tup::heart:
  6. I agree, '05 was the stellar year! :tup: The colors were rich and the leather was TDF! That said, I have lots of '06's, and even '07's that are really gorgeous as well. It seems that on some of the '06's the leather was the '05 leather that they had "left over", like on the grenat, the mousse and a few other colors. :graucho: If I were buying ONE, I would definitely look for a "perfect" '05 in a classic color like black, brown or tan. The khaki from '05 is beautiful as well, and the red that they made in '05 is gorgeous. (I have the red, black, and tan :nuts: (called "natural") from '05 in the large travel size paddy (20x10) and the leather is amazing. Now I have just purchased the black patent in the medium and the large DOME paddy and am awaiting the brown patent. :rolleyes: The black patent is really lovely, very different, but you can't really compare it to the '05 smooshy leathers. It's a totally different look. :supacool:Again, if I was buying ONE, I would find an '05 in mint condition:smile: :yes::yes:
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    I know this is a VERY old thread, but I was wondering what you gals are feeling these days :thinking:. I have an 07 paddy on her way to me, but now after some research, am wondering if I should've held out for an 06 paddy. Any input? :confused1:
  8. IMO, 06 was the best paddy leather. The 05 I had just felt too floppy and not really substantial. (granted there was a big backstory with it and I hated the bag from the beginning for other reasons).

    My 06 paddies have always had the prefect leather - thick yet smooshy. My 07 paddy took a while to break in, but it's now really supple and I like the smoothness of the leather. If I had to pick a bag based on leather alone, my 06 jaune baby paddy would win :yes:
  9. '05, IMO. :smile:
  10. 05 for the lovely leather!
  11. 05 IMO, the leather is TDF!!:heart:
  12. 05 Love the leather!!:tup:
  13. Looks like I'll be searching for an 05. I read somewhere that some of the 07 leather was "too smooth" and therefore appeared fake :wtf:! I hope this is not the case with mine which is on her way to me next week :sweatdrop:! Thanks for the input gals!

  14. Post photos when you get her would love to see it!:yahoo:
  15. ^^Laurek-- will do! I am all over it! Can't wait...:sweatdrop:. I better get her soon because I'm starting to shop for more unaffordable Chloe whilst I wait...:blush:....