Paddys & Silver hardware

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  1. Which colors have the paddy's come in w/ silver hardware??? I am dying to find one in black or dark grey :yes: !
  2. mousse, navy, gris-vert, roche, galet, argent... these are a few I can think of so far...
  3. aubergine & anthracite
  4. Thank you, thank you!
    which of those are non metalic?

    The mousse... does it have a green hue to it? I have seen pics, but I can't get a grasp on the color...
  5. ^mousse, navy, gris-vert, roche, and galet are not metallics...
    mousse is a greyish green...looks more grey in some lightings and green in others... you can look up past threads )"the dove has landed" and in the Chloe Reference section: All about Paddy's to see this color...
  6. Amongst the newer Spring 07 colors that just came out, there is "Roche", which is a dark grey w/brown undertones...looks dark grey in some lightings...and in others, a dark brownish grey...

    I have the mousse and it is gorgeous! And i love the roche of all the spring colors! They both come w/ silver hardwares!
  7. the roche sounds lovely and now that i know it has silver hardware i may not be able to resist...
  8. Yes, Roche looks great!!
  9. You will love mousse! It goes with everything! I love mine- and am getting WAY more wear out of it than I ever dreamed I could! The color is incredible IRL!
  10. I am so torn, b/c I am wanting an off white/ white bag w/silver hardware and nothing is striking me...Why, oh, why is everything gold hardware:crybaby: .

    Mousse is growing on me. Will you take a pic for me next to something white? :flowers:
  11. Jag is right, mousse is gorgeous!! The cream colored stitching really makes it work with light colored outfits. Here it is with my black & white Kors coat:

  12. Thanks hmw!!!

    How does the mousse compare to the gris-vert?? Which is more grey, less green? Sorry for all the questions, but the gris is on sale at LVR. Thinking about getting it, but no returns :wtf: .
  13. The mousse and gris vert are the same color: I compared them at Bloomies. The only difference is the sealed egdes color is more purple on the gris vert, more green on the mousse.

    Go for it!! :wlae:
  14. Thanks! That helps a ton.

    Eeeekkkk!!! Decisions, decisions....
  15. hmwe46... your mousse is sooo Beautiful... fortunately I haven't run into one lately or I would be pressed to buy it! Looks fantastic!!