Paddys on bluefly!

  1. There are several paddies on bluefly right now, including a beautiful ivory one. Sigh.
  2. I wonder if they're fake?
  3. Someone said they received an authentic Chloe and a fake Balenciaga. I honestly think the fakes are switcheroos.
  4. I don't know. With all the stuff I've read about the issues w/Bluefly I wouldn't buy anything there right now.
  5. Wow, are they all gone already? I dont see them on the website right now.
  6. They are gone! But to tell you the truth, I would be too scared to buy anything from Bluefly now, especially since they are still standing by the authenticity of those balenciagas that were clearly fake!
  7. I agree! You know, if they'd only admitted to the fact that these were clearly fakes, that would have been different. Obviously they had a dishonest supplier and made a horrible mistake in judgment in believing them to be authentic. Fine. I get that. They made a mistake.

    But for heaven's sake, own up to it and admit that they were in error! To keep insisting these were authentic is not only insulting, but criminal. They truly lost any credibility they had and I hope everyone else will think twice about patronizing them for ANYTHING else.
  8. I faxed a letter to the CEO of Bluefly last week about the situation with the fakes. No response. I doubt I'll get one either.
  9. I keep getting emails from them about sales and all I can wonder is whether any more of their bags (other than Balenciagas) or even any of their clothes are fake? Its a shame they've ruined their reputation like this.

  10. Not even switcheroos, the Balenciaga's photographed on the site are fakes.
  11. ... just so you all know, the fake Chloes and Balenciaga's have been an on-going issue with Bluefly for almost a year-- this is not the first thread on this topic, just the one I remembered when I joined tMP. The fakes were not isolated incidents, but repeated illegal activity after letters to the Bluefly CEO, the NY DA and BBB.

    Even if Bluefly was 'duped' by a fake customer return they should have changed their policies after all the reports were made by consumers.

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