Paddy's Galore

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  1. INTERMIX 1003 Madison Ave NYC 212-249-7858
    had a lot of paddy's today at closing
    several large shopper totes in jaune and that bluish/gray color
    1 whiskey satchel
    many zippys in all colors, jaune, blue, metalic,
    grenet satchel
    several of the large box bags, ( not sure the name)
    i know some of you were waiting delivery on the jaune shopper and they have plenty.
    all the SA's know the stock
    they also had a brown betty
    the chloe shop has patent betty's and dark brown betty totes,
    and many whiskey shopper totes
  2. did they have the baby gernate?? or the med size satchel?
  3. Did they have any medium pocket (aka Professor or New Satchel) in white/blanc? Here is a pic in the brown...

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  4. Please forgive my ignorance but what are zippys?