1. Alright ladies, I am offiicially enrolling in a twelve step program!!

    step 1 - mousse paddy :love:
    step 2 - chocolat paddy :flowers:
    step 3 - blanc paddy :heart:
    step 4 - taupe paddy tote! :yahoo:

    I finally (ok, it only took 5 days but it was a looong five days) got my tasty
    taupe paddington tote bag. It's hugemongus!! And I love it :wlae:

    Hee: I think I could get *in* it in case of an emergency :graucho:
    40.Paddy 017.jpg 40.Paddy 018.jpg
  2. Why fight the addiction when you have a collection like that! CONGRATULATIONS! It is gorgeous! Time for a family photo!
  3. Oooohhh....Beautiful!:love:
  4. oh... and the PaddyPuddle!
    35.Paddy 019.jpg 40.Paddy 024.jpg
  5. Please post that family photo in the Reference Section- it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats Hmwe!!!!! Yay for you!!
  7. Ooo Hmwe your taupe is absolutely gorgeous and yummy, just like her sisters..!!! :love: Does it get well along with the others? :graucho:
    I saw this style once in blanc) and I really loved the way it looked on shoulder ( I was really tempted...:nuts: ). Taupe colour is perfect beige shade, congrats for your new baby..!!! :flowers: :flowers:
  8. :flowers: Thanks Gals!!! :flowers:

    Taupe is def the bully of the bunch!! She outweighs the others by at least a pound - LOL
  9. Hehee so true, I have the same thing with my large paddies - carrying them almost goes for a workout! :biggrin: But it doesn't really feel too heavy when you carry a bag comfortably on a shoulder
    They look like they're having fun there all together in the family pic! :P
  10. Wow, that's some serious paddy's. And another one on the way. How do you decide which to wear? You're right, silver hardward looks pretty nice, does it scuff up easily?
  11. oooh your paddys are gorgeous!!! I love them :biggrin:
  12. i want to roll around in that paddy puddle!
  13. the PaddyPosse :P

    Beautiful Bags!
  14. OMG! When/how did this happen? Your collection is phenomenal!
  15. The one photo looks like a litter of paddies! You have a gorgeous collection
    Wasn't one of the steps in the 12 step program "I recognize I do not have to have a paddy in every color"?:busted