Paddyingtons On Sale Bloomies SF

  1. One day sale all Paddyingtons excluding all chain Paddyintons 25% off. With a ten dollar purchase of a charity ticket recieve an additional 15% off and 20% when you use your Bloomingdales card. ONE DAY ONLY. 10/25/2007. Get it now while it's hot. Call Robert at Bloomies SF. 415-856-5428.
  2. Thanks for posting...and please someone stop me from posting but I soooo want a patent paddy!!!What to do???

  3. Mona, you so deserve that patent Paddy, you've been sharing great sale bags with all of us, it's your turn now --- am I enabling enough??

  4. sell sell then buy buy!!!!!!!!!!!:wlae:
  5. OMG, I just called and put it on hold! after all the sales I can get it for $1009...

    My Hubby will just shoot me...

  6. Details girl? Let's work through this..Is it patent? Capsule Paddy or Traditional (not that it matters since both are fabulous). What color can you get? Sabine has patents and they're 300 more....on sale right???:idea:
  7. Regular Satchel but patent in black and the sale ends today. He also has the patent dome but I didn't ask how much!

    regular price is $1800 - 25% off - 15% off for charity event = $1009

    I am dying for modelling pics but can't find any....I wann know how slouchy it is and how it falls. I tend to like bags with a little bit of a shape...and I wonder how heavy the lock is. I head th new ones were not that heavy!!! Too many questions!!!
  8. Nat and I saw this bag in real life (yes at the STL NM). For what ever it's worth the bag is utterly gorgeous and I'm not saying that in an enabling way but it is truly ultra fine. The patent is shiny and not distressed, it definitely has structure. Rich and classy and for 1000 dollars very chic and worth it....sorry....Mona do you have a classic Paddy?
  9. Also the bag has sold at full retail. Nat said it was gone the other day when she went to NM.

    I can't remember how heavy the lock was. My front pocket paddy is a tad heavy but I have heavier Chloe's, IOW my Paddy's heaviness doesn't bother me?
  10. I had one in aubergine and I sold it to a friend...If I dare say so but it was just too smooshy for me....and I wasn't inlove with the colour!!!
    I like it when a bag has its own shape in a soft kinda way but not so soft that it just collapses into no shape at all! This is so hard to explain, but the edith is a perfect example of what I mean of the perfect mesh os shape and softness....
    I am also wondering about the classicness of the patent, would the style last me for years or would I be bored of it by next year?!?!?
  11. Whew good questions and concerns. For one this is a more structured bag than your pillowy Paddy that you sold, it will not puddle when you set it down but this patent is not as upright and structured as the Edith. The patent leather is stiffer than soft Paddy leather. Now I think there's different camps with PL. Either you love it or you don't. When I saw this classic Paddy I felt compelled to buy it because I adore patent but I'm on purse ban and I already have a patent leather bag to feel rock and roll in also it cost like 1800 dollars. Do you like Patent Leather?
  12. yeah, last night I decided I wanted a patent leather bag and I am kinda convinced, but then I keep thinking to get a cheaper one incase I get bored of patent....but the Chloe one doesn't seem so shiny, not plasticy and thats why I like it. Ok, I've gotta decide....
  13. Mona can't you return the bag if you don't like it? Again for what ever it's worth the purse is very fabulous. Classy with a bit of edge. There was another member (a new one) who bought it remember? She went head over heels over the bag and paid full retail. I still can't believe that Bloomies is offering this purse at such a discount this soon into the game. You can't even order it online???
  14. For what it is worth. I have a patent leather bag and love it. It does feel rock n' roll