paddy vs. mini stam


chloe paddy vs. MJ mini stam

  1. paddy

  2. mini stam

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  1. i cant decide which one to get first..... i cant buy both now, so i have to pick.
    which one do you girls like better?
  2. Hmm, well those are two very different bags... but I vote for a paddy! :yes:
  3. I like both as well; however, I'm gonna go for the paddy first! So, that's my pick!
  4. Paddington Satchel. It's twice as much as Little Stam though. =)
  5. Paddy! :love:
  6. Definitely the Paddy!! I never really liked the MJ stam..
  7. between these two i would say Paddy!
  8. Paddy for sure! Truly original & many styles to chose from. I never quite got the stam thing, if I wanted a quilted bag I'd probably get a Chanel.
  9. Paddy
  10. I like both but I too vote for the Paddy!
    Mini Stam is super cute but I would prefer to get the Paddington first :flowers:
  11. Paddy!
  12. another vote for the Paddy!
  13. the votes are in.....
    i have been leaning towards paddy, even before you girls voted.....
    thanks for voting girls......
    will start my paddy hunting today
  14. A late vote for the paddy:love:
  15. Did you get your paddy? Let us know!
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