Paddy Vs Edith

  1. I dun have any Chloe bag yet and would like to purchase one. But I'm torn between paddy and edith. I love both of them :graucho: Any suggestions,guyz?
  2. Paddy!Paddy!Paddy! Paddy 1st, then Edith 2nd :love: Paddy just has more pizzazzzzz:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. ^ Haha! So :true: abbyy!! :roflmfao: I really prefer paddys to ediths, but they're both great bags!
  4. Paddington Satchel
  5. Paddy, definitely
  6. Paddington!! :love: If I needed a briefcase kind of bag for work I would definitely get edith too, so I think it also depends on your needs.
  7. Paddy all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks guyzz for the input...I think I'll get paddy first :yes:
  9. Paddy first without a doubt.
  10. Paddy fosho!!!!

    You can't wear the edith over your shoulder! Paddy has more options.
  11. yep, another Paddy vote here.

    The edith is a nice bag, but its more of a work satchel, and its quite hard to hold comfortably, although the leather does make up for it ;)

    so, what colour Paddy takes your fancy then :biggrin:
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