Paddy update!

  1. Hello Ladies! I'm back from my trip- we really had a blast and the argent Paddy from BG's went over well. I carried the beaut all over Mahattan and then on our cruise in all the ports and had relatively no problems. The padlock is a tad heavier than I'm used to as I don't carry a lot of stuff in my bags even if they are big bags, I just seem to travel light. But overall, I got used to the weight quickly and loved the leather and color. Alas, not a single compliment except from my hubby who actually said at least you didn't buy another Coach! Ha,ha... I did see a few women eyeing it however. I was a bit dismayed at the lack of compliments, but trying not to be shallow. I LOVE it and I guess that's all that matters....

    The leather really is TDF! I really hope the Chloe line makes a resurgence as this is the best leather IMO. I looked over a lot of lines at Saks (we didn't have a ton of shopping time) and did find a Burberry I liked but it was patent. None of the regular leathers I feel comes close to Chloe leather. (In my newbie opinion of course)

    My back does hate, HATE, hate the Paddy as I have serious back issues, but I wouldn't trade it no matter what. What's a little time in traction versus having a cool bag?:yahoo:
  2. Glad you had fun!

    I bet the other girls were tongue tied with jealousy!!

    Sorry about your back ache but great to hear that you won't give up on your bag.
  3. I'm glad you love your paddy!

    I agree that Chloe has the best leather anywhere. I own a Burberry & a Balenciaga as well as my Chloes. I know some people rave about Balenciaga leather but I like my Paddie's leather better. (I do love both bags!)
  4. Don't worry about the lack of compliments. I'm sure that Paddy was noticed. Some ladies may not say anything, but they sure are thinking it!
  5. I agree. Some people may just be too shy to approach you so they admire from afar.
  6. Yeah- I have afew amazing Chloe bags and I've never received a compliment for any of them- apart from friends admiring them.

    The one bag I have been complimented on was my £5 Anya Hindmarch "I'm not a plastic bag" bag. It figures!
  7. Have you got any pics of you on holiday with your bag?
  8. So happy you are content and hope the back heals up. I think the pain is worth it - LOL! As for compliments - mostly I get them from SA's in the stores and then there are always the fashionista friends of my daughter who KNOW what a Paddy is. Lots of people are shy - I agree. The padlock does seem to rivet them.
  9. Thanks everyone!! I am super happy with it. I already want more....especially paddys. You really could have one in every color and not get sick of them. I wish I could afford them ALL!! I will take pics of her as soon as I can...:smile: I might need your help on how to post it though as I'm clueless of how to go about it...
  10. I've found that unless people are into the whole "designer purse thing" (like ourselves) they don't feel the need to compliment you, or would feel awkward doing it. I've gone up to many strangers and complemented them on their bags and their faces always light up! I only get complements on my Chloes if the person is into fashion and knows what they're looking at.

    But you can be sure that if they were eyeing it, they certainly thought it was a gorgeous bag.
  11. Thank you!! That makes me feel good... I know it's silly and believe me it's NOT about "oh look I have this expensive bag" but more about just being excited over something neat and new!!! Know what I mean?