Paddy Soho Hobo...

  1. Does anyone here own this particular style and what do you love/not love about it? Is this particular one really retired? eBay: 6877079859 Thanks much...
  2. I have been looking for this style in black. It is discontinued. I spoke with the Chloe rep at a trunk show in Jan. She said this style is replaced by the East-West style (as seen on It originally came in two sizes. I think it is an easier shape to wear than the East-West (which I do own). The longer stap is great for those of us who have to wear winter coats.
  3. Hi...thanks for your reply. Do you know what the original retail was on this style by any chance? I was told that the price she is asking on eBay is above retail. Thanks much...
  4. I purchased the east/west version too ($1500) and was totally in love with it for a while…. loved the styling and the shoulder-ability. My dislikes evolved –the weight bothered me and made it slip off my shoulder (e/w is even heavier than the satchel) and when I carried less to make it light it just looked shriveled and sad. The lock always wanted to fall inside the bag - even more than with the satchel style. The north/south version you’re looking at may not have all these same issues. On the good side, I liked that the outside pockets didn’t go underneath the bag like with the satchel! That seller does tend to charge over retail for the service of providing rare or highly coveted bags... it's just the nature of the market.
  5. Shriveled and funny! My main concern with the one I'm considering is the bottom....10 X 9 approx. I used to have an LV Noe and the squareness of the bottom, plus the stiffness of it, made it stick out from my side so far and I was really uncomfortable with it. I felt like I was wearing a box. I'm assuming with the softer leather of the Chloe it will give in and slouch at the bottom once my things are inside?
  6. I think it will definitely be slouchier at the bottom than your LV, but once you start filling it, it has nowhere to go but out! I felt the east/west kind of protruded too once I put things in it which is another reason I tried to carry very little - kind of like wearing a too-small shirt so your arms start sticking out!! Perhaps if the north/south hangs lower than the east/west, where it sticks out will be less bothersome?

    (Edit: add: Hopefully someone will come along who has this actual bag. I've heard others mention they liked wearing the n/s shape better than the current e/w, so I think there are a few owners!)
  7. Well, that does make sense. I actually carry very little...wallet, keys, a cosmetic pouch and cell phone. I work out of my home so I don't have to lug things to and from work. Hmmm...out of all the Chloe styles this one appeals the most to me for some reason. I'm awfully petite at 5'0" but I wear 3.5" heels everywhere, so I'm hoping this one won't overwhelm me!
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