Paddy skin looks dry???

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  1. I just received my paddington from Neimans and tho i love it it looks kind of dry. the skin looks dehydrated!!! I wonder if this is how it should be or whether great moisturizer can take care of it. I hate to say it but it looks like skin thats been in the sun too long...any opinions or solutions for me? Should I try to exchange? i don't see it online anymore so maybe they won't have it.

    Help me fellow pfers!!:confused1:
  2. what color?
  3. its taupe
  4. Hhmmm, is it an 07 bag? I think these tend to look a lot "drier" than the previous bags. Then I would say it's normal, use Cadillac conditioner and that should help a lot.

    Howver, if it's an 06 perhaps it's a return that was abused???
  5. maybe u can condition it and see what happens? leather conditioner is great... because it doesn't affect *most* pre treated bags.
  6. oooooh, did u get it on sale? I thought sold out of the taupe zippy awhile ago?
  7. no it wasn't on sale...purchased retail; i'm pretty sure it was the last one; i just chatted with them about exchange but they do not have anymore available. so i guess i'll sit on it over the weekend.

    it's def an 06 bag; it looks nice other than the dry skin where it's actually wrinkley looking and a nick on the lockpad
  8. is it a zippy??

    I have seen other taupe zippys recental at Nordies- try the Valley Fair and Walnut Crek stores.
  9. o.k. thanks!! i'll call them now
  10. sorry, I just assumed it was a zippy because the taupe satchel was not on for a lonnnng time... the taupe zippy was part of for pre-fall last year around july/august.
  11. I had a taupe zippy... the leather wasn't as smooshy as the mousse zippy I had. I would LOVE the taupe in a satchel though.. I think that as time goes on w/ use, the leather gets softer w/ chloe bags. Aside from the dryness, do u like everything else about the bag?
  12. Any luck??
    BTW, are you also smith?? Confused :confused1:

  13. Looks like someone just got busted.
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