Paddy Sizes??

  1. Still trying to understand Chloe bags...:confused1:

    So, are there three sizes, the small, medium and large (for the regular paddy satchel)?
    Would you say the medium is the most popular?
    Are the dimensions of the medium roughly 13.5" x 5" x 7"?

    Lastly, for those with dual citizenship (Balenciaga & Chloe!), which Bal bag would you say the medium Paddy satchel is closest in size?

    Thanks again!:heart:
  2. I would say Medium is the most popular size. The small is like a "first" and the medium, even though it is bigger would be like a "city". The city is taller though. I had a paddy medium but returned it to get a city. The handles felt weird on my shoulder probably because the paddy is kinda you feel like the whole bag is up under your arm pit. Sorry to be so gross but at least the city under my arm didn't feel weird...probably because it's more narrow and long. The paddy was kinda heavy once I got all my junk in their...the lock can overwhelm the weight. I hope this helps. They are such cute bags.
  3. Really helpful, thanks! I had the Balenciaga Box, and I didn't like that as much as a First, for the reason you described, that it felt too round under my armpit!! I so know what you mean about that.

    I like the City on other people, but not on me--I sold two and bought Firsts instead.
    Maybe the Paddy isn't for me...but they really are cute and I need a bag that holds more than the First, which holds JUST enough, and sometimes it's just too tight.
  4. I love Chloes...I was super sad to have to return it but like I felt like I was carrying an LV porchette under my arm. It's such a weird feeling. They are so cute too...have you thought about a twiggy? It would hold a bunch, like a city but would have that great everyone says it fits great under the arm. No under arm stuggle...if you know what I mean. I have tiny arms but as much as I want to get another Chloe...I just have to settle for looking at them. You know there has to be a reason everyone carries them in the crook of their arms. Let me know how it goes.
  5. Yes, I don't see the medium classic (14x8 approx.) as a shoulder bag, unless you are wearing a t-shirt. The large US Shopper from '06 is a shoulder bag, and the dimensions of that are about 17x12. They don't make that style anymore.:cursing: It was the large version of the medium, and a personal favorite!!:heart: The "travel size" paddy from '05, (and I think it was made later as well) is 20x10 and definitely is a shoulder bag. It's the huge version of the medium classic and looks just like it, but bigger with longer straps. :graucho: Then the zippy bowler bags came in two sizes as well, the medium (about 14x9) and the large (17x10). I don't know about the medium but the large is a great shoulder bag.:yes: There are some large ones, (including one in black) on You have to be careful of the sizes, b/c the muscade is the medium size on there but the pic makes it look larger, so read the dimensions. They are in centimeters so you have to adjust that for inches:smile: Good luck!:heart:
    Hope this helps you with info on some of the paddys out there. I don't have any of the minis, so someone else will have to give info on those:smile:
  6. I use my medium paddy as a shoulder bag most of the time, it definitely can hold more than a Balenciaga First. Plus factor is the 2 outer pocket (front and back), they are enormous if compared with Bal City's :yes:

    bbagbubba well said --> "dual citizenship" :yahoo:

    I have a dual citizenship with Chloe and Balenciaga, and a Permanent Residence with Coach:p
  7. Thanks for the input guys!
    I went to Nordstrom yesterday to test-drive the Paddy's. Talk about Chloe Central--I couldn't believe how many bags they had. Anyway, the medium is just right, not too big, not too small. I do like the utility of the outside pockets, too. I really experienced some sticker-shock tho :nuts: . Chloe bags are way more expensive that Bal's, so I will DEFINITELY be buying pre-owned.

    Speaking of pre-owned--after buying (and returning) an Edith Loaf that I bought on Bluefly (couldn't tell if it was authentic, or not), I took the plunge and put a medium Khaki Paddy on layaway at Ann's Fabulous Finds. Love her, she's so cool and helpful!
    Her site has great bags and it's stress-free shopping. Highly recommend. The next time I sell one of my bags, I'm going with her, instead of eBay.:yes:
  8. I'm glad you found what you want. Bluefly has several paddy's right now. Post pictures when you get it.