Paddy sighting!

  1. Yesterday, I was in the car with my dad and I saw an Asian girl crossing the road with a whiskey Paddy on her shoulder. It simply pops so much and is a statement bag.

    :heart: the med Paddy now, which is a bad news (poor bank account, I knew you so little :lol:)
  2. Go for it Perja! The Whiskey Paddy is fabulous! :heart::heart::heart: And, there are lots of great deals to be had right now! Check ebay (there are a few of our members selling their whiskey paddys).:flowers:
  3. Go for it,Perja!! I have yet to see an authentic paddy other than my own being worn in real life...but last night I saw my first stiff,shiny,oversized,plastic-looking FAKE:cry: .
  4. do you know who the pfers are who are selling whiskey paddies on ebay? or their ebay ids? thanks!
  5. Saw another one today (mini, whiskey) coming out of the building opposite mine :biggrin:

    In bad news, there was a fake one in the biggest shopping street around here. Chocolate colour but the hardware and stamping were wrong, I could tell straight away.