? Paddy Serial Number

  1. Is The Serial Number Separated By Dashes Or Dots ? Are Both Dot And Dashes Found On Real Bags?
  2. Dashes on mine, but it is fairly new, so can't say anything about the older styles.
  3. Dashes and dots on the new ones, just to make it more confusing :sad:
  4. And some without any dashes or dots, just numbers, sewn on the shorter side of the tag! :blink: :idea:
  5. Does anyone know if serial numbers which are upside down are on real bags? Please see pic
  6. ^ With regard to the above Q - i have a Q to add on to the back of thet..
    Do the serial numbers only ever come on plain leather tabs....??:confused1:

    I've never seen a tab that matches the colour of the bag before...as above.

    I've got two paddies and they both have the same long serial number, but on both my whiskey and mousse, they are the other way up to the serial number that bellacherie posted.
    And the leather is just natural in colour - not matching the bag.

    Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that the bag is fake - because there were many variations with regards to the serial tabs...
  7. Thanks hmwe;)
  8. Thankds for the Info. I had just sold a chloe on ebay and the buyer asked a similar question that was answered in the other thread! I got mine at AR.
  9. my o6 chocolate chloe tag is the same color as the bag. also, dashes in the serial number.
  10. my 2006 aburegine bag bought 3months ago has a chocolate colour tag no dashes or dots.:love: