Paddy serial number tag - how many different types?

  1. Hello all! I was playing around with my whiskey paddy tonight and I've just noticed that the serial number tag inside the interior pocket is a different shape to what I have seen. The tag on my grenat paddy is the normal one that is sewn on the long side, and with dash between the numbers. The whiskey should be authentic :blink: , it was purchased at Chloe in Tokyo. I've attached a picture of it and was wondering if anyone else's bag has the same type of serial number tag or is this to do with the Japanese market (might come from a different factory)? I know that for Chloe bags distributed in Japan, the Chloe instructions/ care card would either be in Japanese or it would have Japanese translation on it.
    Would appreciate any input, thank you!

  2. I have a Chloe Large Tan Hobo which also has the same style of tag, it's sewn in on the shorter side of the tag. From what I hear Chloe are constantly changing the datecode tags to stop counterfeits copying them....hopefully it will work. It's just hard to keep up with the changes! :smile:
  3. Quality control and consistency on the little things isn't necessarily a Chloe hallmark.... the numbers definitely change with the releases, and this year we see 10 digit codes too. Since it's from a boutique you should have no worries. The only time it may haunt you is if you want to resell and the buyer can't get past the tag, so make sure you keep your other papers to help out. Otherwise enjoy!
  4. Thank you for your responses! Although the bag is absolutely authentic it's a relief to know there are other bags with this type of tag :nuts: For a moment I was worried that this is some sort of fault. I do have the paperwork & shopping bag that comes with it so hopefully I won't have trouble I need to resell it one day. :amuse:
  5. Hi, I went to the Chloe boutique at South Coast Plaza in OC Wed and spoke with a sales gal, she said that they indeed are changing them all the time and some of the auth bags even now will have up to 8 or 9 numbers. She also said that they are having a hell of a time keeping ahead of the fake makers, but that 99.9% of E-bay sellers are selling fakes.
  6. I can understand about keeping up with the fakers but I think too many variation just cause too much confusion (at least I got confused lol), especially when there are a few types just for one season. They should pay more attention to quality control :suspiciou
  7. does anyone know how you can check the authenticity of a bag by its serial number i have always wonder that? !
  8. Don't worry! :biggrin: Older genuine Chloe bags do not have serial numbers (that may also include the oldest Paddys, I'm not sure), but all newer ones do.