Paddy problem: colour chipps off on one handle


Jan 6, 2006
I just received my paddy 2 weeks ago and I really love her but I just noticed yesterday the the colour on one handle is chipping of and I think that this shouldn't be on a pricy bag like this.:cry: It is just a bit but I don't know if this is normal because it's where the handle rubbs on the hardware or if this a fault. So ladies what do you think would you try to exchange it or just keep it?


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Oh Tanja, that's really surprising! I remembered when you posted about getting her, you were so thrilled and excited. And yeah, it was like only 2 weeks ago. I can't believe the colour has rubbed off:amazed: ! I'm interested to know too if this is normal for the Paddy?? I just got my Whiskey one and am worried to carry her too much now.

Did you use yours a lot since getting her? But still, even if you did, I don't think this is something that should happen:worried: . Let's wait for the Paddy experts to chime in.. Hopefully this is a one off and if so, you should exchange for another if it is bugging you (or if u think more will rub off!). If it's a common thing, then hmm, can't really sing the praises for Paddy quality...
I used her every day and I just noticed that it is happening on the other side as well. It's not really noticeable when you carry her. Same starts with the lock but that's a known problem. I really love her but I've to admit that the paddies don't seem to be of the best quality when you hear that almost everybody has minor problems. I don't want to give her back because I love the leather so much but on the other side I'm not willing to pay that much for a bag who's not very durable. I just send an email to NAP with the pic and wait for them what to do.
Tanja, Thanks for sharing. It's really upsetting. I don't think that it should do this. I don't own a paddy, but am seriously considering it. I'm anxious to see what the other paddy owners have to say about this. I hope your issue gets resolved soon.
i don't see it in the picture, where is it?
i haven't noticed that on my rouge or anthracite, but it did happen on one spot on my pewter balenciaga, i was very upset at first but got over it. part of the bag i suppose, can't be perfect forever.
I have one in anthracite and there are some discoloration on the handles. Some parts are dull!!!!! (can't u believe that?) And it's brand new, still have the tag attached......ggrrrrrrrrrr:evil: .......well, It doesn't really bother that much (only on the handles, not that apparent) but i'm kinda disapointed on the quality for the money that i've paid for this bag. I am not sure if i want to keep it anymore....and it's so dang heavy
It's close to the hardware where it has the round shape. I've never experienced this with my other bags (no chloes) that the colours chippes of just from contact with the hardware.
I know what you mean. We like then to be p-e-r-f-e-c-t for that investment. That said, I'd get some gray shoe polish and cover it and forget it. It's a ding in the edge dressing and doesn't necessarily mean it will even happen again. If it did then I sure would look into returning it. A small bit of damage from wear is to be expected on a bag. I haven't had this happen on my cream Paddy but it's lighter so I might not notice it.
yes but they are getting bigger same happens on the other sides as well. I wouldn't mind if it stays like this but no if it gets worse. I think this should not happen after 12 days.
Tanja said:
yes but they are getting bigger same happens on the other sides as well. I wouldn't mind if it stays like this but no if it gets worse. I think this should not happen after 12 days.

:sad: Oh no--- it sounds like you got a bad bag. Sorry:cry: . I think you should contact them about this asap. It sounds like the edge dressing is defective. I hope they can replace it for you.
I just wrote them with a pic and wait for them to come back to me on Monday. Seems like nobody else has this problem so I guess I got a bad bag. I hope that they take it back but usually it has 12 months warranty.
I'm glad you got this at NAP! It will make it easier than hassling with Chloe boutique over an ebay purchase. I imagine they will do the right thing by you.
If you bought it at the boutique I'm sure there'd be no problem. In all fairness, I don't have any experience with this sort of thing and Chloe.