Paddy price hike..

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  1. hey all - I just got home from Nordstroms and found out that the paddys will be undergoing another price increase.

    Nordstroms currently sells standard leather paddys at $1485, I was told on the next shipment price will be going up to $1560.

    Personally, I think enough is enough with the prices. But, I wanted to pass the info along in case any of you were debating a paddy; oh and the Nordstroms Park Meadows had a gorgeous Jeans Moyen Paddy if anyone is interested.
  2. hey loganz

    are you selling a paddington in red? or is it the other colour???? :biggrin:
  3. yikes! wow, that's amazing!
  4. I am selling gorgeous anthracite :biggrin:

    Ceejay is selling the grenat. :amuse:
  5. Wow :amazed: Glad I got mine when I did!
  6. LVR for about $1250.
  7. anyone selling a mini paddy??
  8. I think LVR raised their paddy price like about $40 or so. Still.. not bad considering that STILL have the lowest price here.