Paddy Padlocks....your 05 vs.'s it holding up?

  1. I have an 07 Brun Paddy and I just got my HG 05 Blue Nuit Bowler. I was wondering how many of you have experienced lock chipping and general poor wear of your 05 vs. 07 bags. TIA!
  2. I have 2 05 Paddys
    Grenat and Blue Nuit.
    The lock on the blue nuit had been sent back to Chloe to be replated and I'm not sure if they used a different finishing method, but considering how much I use/abuse this bag, the lock has held up remarkably well, with very minimal wear.
    On the other hand, my Grenat paddy, which I hardly ever used, has significantly more wear. It's nothing that really bothered me as I think it actually adds to the whole worn and slouchy feel of the paddy.
  3. My paddy's are all '05s for the most part -- they are in good shape but I am such a 'babier' of them, I usually keep them locked and just fling my lock over, and when I put them in the dustbag they go in a baby sock. (Yes, I am ridiculous :lol:)